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Did You Forget Apple Watch Passcode? Reset It Here

Did You Forget Apple Watch Passcode? Reset It Here 10 In this guide you will find detailed instructions on how you can reset Apple Watch passcode in case you forget it. You can reset Apple Watch passcode from an iPhone as well as on Apple Watch. Apple Watch lets you set a passcode that prevents […]

Apple Watch not charging? Here are 5 ways to fix it

Apple Watch not charging? Whether you’re having issues with a particular cable, multiple cables/chargers, or your touch screen isn’t responding, read on for 5 solutions to fix an Apple Watch that won’t power up. more… The post Apple Watch not charging? Here are 5 ways to fix it appeared first on 9to5Mac. Source link

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How to create a custom workout on your Apple Watch

Source: Luke Filipowicz / iMore The Workouts app has been a staple on the Apple Watch since its inception, and while Apple has constantly added new types of workouts for Apple Watch fans to track over the years, watchOS 9 added custom workouts. Custom workouts allow you to create an activity on your best Apple […]

Disable aod always on display on apple watch

How to improve your Apple Watch battery life

While the Apple Watch gets a bad rap for its battery life, the latest iteration can last up to 18 hours, an improvement over its predecessors. Nonetheless, it means you will need to charge your Apple Watch daily. But what if your Apple Watch battery is draining rapidly and doesn’t even last a full day […]

Change watch face on apple watch

Apple Watch swipe up not working? Here’s how to fix it

Apple Watch has great features such as fall detection, heart rate monitor, ECG, and many others. But it all comes to no use if you cannot swipe up on it. There are multiple reasons why you can’t swipe up on Apple Watch, but first, I would suggest cleaning the screen and edges, removing the screen […]

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How to share watch faces on Apple Watch

Source: Karen S. Freeman / iMore Watch faces are the backbone of the Apple Watch. Not only is it how you tell time, but adding complications and customizing the layout of watch faces let you access all the essential information you want at a glance. In watchOS 8, you have access to the feature that […]

Long press on power off slider and tap on erase all content and settings on apple watch

Forgot your Apple Watch password? Here’s how to reset it

There might be an odd day when you forgot your Apple Watch password, and end up disabling your Watch after trying to enter it multiple times. Don’t worry!! We have your back. In this article, I will show how you can reset the Apple Watch passcode to erase all data and start from scratch or […]

Middle hrv values by age

apple watch heart rate variability chart

Apple has packed a large amount of health features into the iPhone and Apple Watch. Many of these might get lost in the shuffle, but they can be important to look at. One health metric that your Apple Watch can help you track is heart rate variability. Let’s take a look at what this number […]


The Apple Watch Walkie-Talkies: Set Up and Use

The walkie-Talkie on Apple Watch is one of my favorite features of watchOS, as it allows users to quickly talk with friends no matter where they are. You can use Apple Watch Walkie-Talkie feature to quickly communicate with a friend when you are out shopping or when you want to find someone in the crowd. […]


Unity Lights Apple Watch Face: The Magic Effect That Has Everyone Talking

Apple always has improvised creative ways to celebrate and recognize Black History Month. And this February, we are privy to a unique and one-of-a-kind Unity Lights watch face and Unity Braided Solo Loop. But before I discuss why they are so special, let’s first quickly see how you can set the new Unity Lights to […]

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