Middle hrv values by age

apple watch heart rate variability chart

Apple has packed a large amount of health features into the iPhone and Apple Watch. Many of these might get lost in the shuffle, but they can be important to look at. One health metric that your Apple Watch can help you track is heart rate variability. Let’s take a look at what this number […]


The Apple Watch Walkie-Talkies: Set Up and Use

The walkie-Talkie on Apple Watch is one of my favorite features of watchOS, as it allows users to quickly talk with friends no matter where they are. You can use Apple Watch Walkie-Talkie feature to quickly communicate with a friend when you are out shopping or when you want to find someone in the crowd. […]


Unity Lights Apple Watch Face: The Magic Effect That Has Everyone Talking

Apple always has improvised creative ways to celebrate and recognize Black History Month. And this February, we are privy to a unique and one-of-a-kind Unity Lights watch face and Unity Braided Solo Loop. But before I discuss why they are so special, let’s first quickly see how you can set the new Unity Lights to […]

Discover download apple watch faces

change your Apple Watch faces automatically

Do you find yourself changing your Apple Watch face often? Here’s good news for you; you can automate this task and change the Apple Watch faces based on your time or location. Besides, there’s no upper limit! Thanks to Apple’s Shortcuts app, you can do this without any cost! However, this can be a little […]

Apple watch fall detection feature

How to Set Up Fall Detection on Your Apple Watch

One important lifesaving feature of Apple Watch is its Fall Detection capability. If your smartwatch detects you’ve taken a hard fall, it can help connect you to emergency services if needed. For most of us, this feature is turned off by default. Here’s how to set up Apple Watch Fall Detection. How the Fall Detection […]

Restore apple watch firmware via iphone 695x450

How to restore unresponsive Apple Watch using iPhone

When your iPhone or Mac isn’t working, we put it in recovery mode. But How to restore unresponsive Apple Watch using iPhone? Earlier, the only option was Apple’s repair center; however, with watchOS 8.5 onwards, you can restore an Apple Watch with a nearby iPhone. The new feature will come in handy, especially when the […]

Trade in your iphone with apple. Com

How to check trade-in value of iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and MacBook

Scouting for a mouth-watering deal on Apple products? Consider trading in your current device when buying your next device. But what exactly is a trade-in, and how do you check the trade-in value of iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and MacBook? Well, this article explains it all! Besides, there are many ways to trade-in your old […]

How to open a website on your apple watch 800x433

The best way to browse the internet on the Apple Watch

Surprisingly, there is no app for Apple’s default browser, Safari, in the whole bunch of apps available for the Apple Watch. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t browse the internet on Apple Watch. In fact, you can do more than surf the net; let me show you how. How to open a website on your […]

Sleeptracking 1616171446 scaz column width inline

2022 Best Apple Watch Sleep Tracking Apps

The Apple Watch finally has its own built-in sleep tracking – but it’s a very basic affair. If you want more data about your slumber, you’ll need a third-party Apple Watch sleep app. The beauty of the Apple Watch is that there’s a rich ecosystem of third-party apps, which expand the feature set beyond the […]

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