How to clean and Protect your Apple Watch From Corona Virus

Regardless of what “sicknesses” are going around, it’s always a good idea to take some time to clean your various Apple products. Cleaning your iPhones, AirPods (or Earpods) and iPads are usually the first things that come to mind but don’t forget your Apple Watch. Since you Apple Watch lives on your body for much of the day, it might come in the most contact with all those bugs. So be sure to clean Apple Watch from time to time to keep yourself safe from all the pesky germs floating around your office, gym, and of course, your home.

Cleaning vs Disinfecting–what’s the difference?


Apple recommends that we regularly clean our Apple products. Cleaning them gently with a little water and a lint-free cloth physically removes any dirt, sweat, oil, or grime on the device’s surface.  During a regular cleaning, you also remove some of the germs from the surface through the simple action on wiping them away.

Apple recommends we disinfect our Apple devices as needed. Disinfecting our Apple products with isopropyl alcohol or Clorox/Lysol wipes kills a much higher percentage of the germs from the device’s surface than regular cleaning with water. For Apple devices, try a solution of 60% water and 40% isopropyl alcohol (70%). Apply this solution to a microfiber or lint-free cloth. Never ever spray or apply isopropyl alcohol directly onto any Apple device, including your Apple Watch, AirPods, iPhone, Mac, and so forth. Always spray the cloth and then apply.

There are various methods that you may hear about that are “guaranteed” to work when it comes to sanitizing and disinfecting the Apple Watch. But there is really only one or two methods that you should use. And don’t forget to clean your Digital Crown and Watchband–these are often overlooked.

Apple Watch Sanitizer Disinfector

How to disinfect Apple Watch: 

  1. Follow the steps for cleaning your Apple Watch first.
  2. Use a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipe or disinfecting wipes–do not use any wipes containing bleach!
  3. Wring out the excess liquid from the wipe first, so it’s damp rather than wet.
  4. Gently wipe the exterior surfaces of your Apple Watch–don’t forget the underside that contacts your skin.
  5. Let the Watch dry naturally before putting it back on.

Follow 5 steps to clean your Apple Watch

  1. Turn your Apple Watch off, and make sure it’s disconnected from the charger.
  2. If applicable, remove your leather band from the Watch.
  3. Wipe your Watch down with a lint-free cloth, something like a microfiber cloth.
    • If needed, lightly dampen the cloth with fresh water and then wipe the Watch down.
  4. Dry your Apple Watch with another lint-free cloth, like a microfiber cloth.
  5. Do NOT use compressed air, cleaning products, soaps, external heat sources, or ultrasonic cleaning.

After the Watch has been completely wiped down and dried using a lint-free cloth, you can reattach your Watch bands and get back to business. If you own either the Sport Loop or Sport Band, you can keep those attached, unless you want to get into all of the crevices, nooks, and crannies.

How to disinfect Apple Watch: 

  1. Turn your Apple Watch off, and make sure it’s disconnected from the charger.
  2. If applicable, remove your leather band from the Watch.
  3. Hold your Watch under warm water, that is lightly running from your faucet, for 10 to 15 seconds.
  4. While the water is running, turn and press the Digital Crown, ensuring that the water is running over the gap between the Crown and the housing.
  5. Dry your Apple Watch with a microfiber or lint-free cloth. For those tough to reach areas, try to lightly dab at the area to get the water to absorb into the cloth.
  6. Do NOT use compressed air, soaps, external heat sources, or ultrasonic cleaning.

Although the Apple Watch is water-resistant, we would definitely err on the side of caution when holding it under running water. You don’t want to leave the Watch under the water for too long, at the risk of letting some get inside.

How to clean Apple Watch bands

One might think that Apple Watch bands are just as simple to clean as the Watch itself, but that’s only true for the standard sport bands. Owners of the leather bands will have to take a few extra precautions. Regardless of which band you are using, you’ll need to make sure it’s removed from the Apple Watch casing before cleaning it.

  1. Use a microfiber or other lint-free cloth to wipe the leather portions of the band. Sometimes you may need to dampen the cloth lightly in order to get clear all of the debris.
  2. Dry the band using another microfiber or lint-free cloth before attaching it to your Apple Watch.
  3. If cleaning a leather band, let the band air dry before reattaching it to the Apple Watch. Make sure to leave your band out of direct sunlight and away from either high temperatures or humidity.

Owners of the Sport Loop may think they can just simply throw it in the washing machine and everything will be fine. However, that’s not recommended and instead, you can try using a toothbrush, a little bit of water, and some body wash or soap in order to clean and disinfect the Sport Loop.

Other ways to keep you and your Apple Watch clean

Whenever you go into a big-box retail store, including Apple, and find where the Watches are held, you can probably try them on. And while some of these stores make sure to clean the watches and bands, that only happens at certain times of the day.

Hundreds of people could go to the local Best Buy or Apple Store to check out and try on the Apple Watch and the different band combinations.


But chances are, those are not cleaned in between the trial periods, leaving germs and dirt and anything else on them. So we would recommend that you don’t try on an Apple Watch in a big box store if you want to avoid any possible contamination.

The same sentiment rings true for the iPhones and iPad’s that are found at various retailers. With these, it will be a bit easier to tell as you’ll be able to spot the fingerprints from a mile away. Steer clear and you’ll thank yourself later so you don’t end up possibly getting sick.

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